• Government cuts set to drive Solar Power companies out of the UK

    With the news that the Government are set to cut the subsidies for solar power that they have in place, there also comes news that the world’s biggest solar power company, Sharp Solar, are threatening to pull out of the UK if the Ministers cut the subsidies for the FIT (Feed in Tariff).
    When the Government introduced the FIT they expected to see an increase in solar installation but the rise they did see was not what they expected and it is resulting in a potential reduction in the money that the Government had set aside for this scheme.
    If you’ve been thinking about getting solar panels for your home then you may want to act quick because the worst case scenario is that in a matter of months the Government may have halved the amount of money that they set aside for the FIT and the largest supplier of solar panels in the world may have pulled out of the UK.
    There are a lot of different positives that having solar panels fitted on your property can have. From solar hot water to solar heating, you can make your property much ‘greener’ than it is now by fitting solar panels.
    Speaking on the possibility of leaving the UK, Sharp said: “Sharp has invested £26 million in its UK factory which, in 2005, became our European Union manufacturing base, we are disappointed that this inward investment appears to have been overlooked and in light of the Comprehensive FIT proposals we are now in a position of reviewing our presence in the UK.”
    So as well as the public feeling slightly let down by the Government, Sharp are too. Looks like you better snap up your solar panels before the prices sky rocket!

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    Subsidies Cut Results in Solar Energy Firm’s going Bankrupt

    There are many companies out there who are going to have a hard time in the coming months, maybe even years. When the Government introduced the “Feed-in-Tariff” there were many companies out there who would have been thinking that all of their Christmases had come at once. They would undoubtedly see an increase in sales with customers now having more of an incentive to buy solar panels.
    Well it’s not looking good for these companies who were looking forward to what could very well have been a prosperous few weeks, months or who knows maybe even longer. It looks like solar install, after having such a bright future will be heading back downhill again.
    Now that David Cameron and the energy secretary have decided to slash the subsidies we could see an awful lot of the 25,000 people who were recently employed in this industry out of a job and some of them joining the dole queue. We could see solar panels cost rise and that could lead to yet more companies going out of business.
    So with the subsidies being halved, it looks like solar power for homes will be on the decline. Undoubtedly, there would have been a few hundred households up and down the country, maybe even a few thousand or hundred thousand that would have snapped some solar panels up.
    Daniel Green, Chief Executive of a solar company, Home Sun has said that he had two personal assurances of support from Prime Minister, David Cameron and how he will do his utmost to support the solar industry.
    Speaking about the cuts to the subsidies, Daniel Green said: “They have effectively bankrupted thousands of companies; most of them will be gone before Christmas.
    “We built a business on the back of David Cameron’s promises. He has betrayed us twice. Anybody thinking of investing in government-sponsored green opportunities, I would advise them to run away.
    “All my business will stop with immediate effect if this goes through. It’s an extremely black day.”

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    Public Urged to Install Solar Panels Before Subsidies Get Cut

    With the introduction of the Government’s Feed-in Tariffs scheme, people up and down the country have been snapping up solar panels like they’re going out of fashion and solar install is definitely worth it!

    The Government introduced the feed-in tariff scheme which is to encourage people in the UK to buy renewable energy means for their house. You get a guaranteed income for every unit of energy that your household produces.

    Things like solar panels have been snapped up by anyone in the country who can afford it ad are looking for cheap things like solar hot water but with the government looking to cut the scheme’s budget in half, the public are being urged to make the most of it now, before it gets cut.

    Industry experts now fear that the Government are set to at least half the rates of the tariff which could result in 25,000 people being out of a job. All of this has come about because of how surprised the Government is at the uptake from the public.

    Helen Booker, solar expert at Npower has said: “If the government goes ahead with the reduction of the rates, it would mean those taking up the scheme in April 2012 will not receive as much money for their energy as those who signed up prior to the changes, so it really is important to start thinking about installing solar technology sooner rather than later,”

    So if you’re looking to get solar panels fitted on your property then you should definitely look at getting in touch with solar installers Preston who will definitely be able to fit your solar panels for you.

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    Solar Panel Subsidy set to be Slashed by Ministers

    After the Government announced that they would be subsidising any household that installed solar panels it was announced that Ministers are set to cut the subsidies which is undoubtedly going to drive down the coalition’s “green credentials”.

    There have been some intense discussions about how far they should cut the “feed-in tariff” (FiT) which is the scheme that pays households and companies for any energy produced. There’s a certain budget set aside for this and according to one coalition source money’s been “flying out” of it and some action would need to be taken soon.

    The amount of people fitting solar panels recently has increased drastically and the number of different solar installations since June has almost doubled since June to more than 85,000 and this is a scheme that’s only been in place since April last year.

    As we all know, the cost of energy has risen recently and with the big companies not looking like they’re going to budge and lower their prices, there’s not been a better time to be supplying yourself with your own solar electricity and gas.

    One reason many people have jumped on the back of this programme is because of how much solar panels cost. They aren’t cheap at all and that is one of the main reasons as to why solar installation has now nearly doubled!

    So whether or not all this solar stuff will eventually take off or not, we will have to wait and see; but in the mean time why don’t you jump on the bandwagon and get some solar panels fitted on the back of this scheme from the Government.

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    Solar Heating can Provide Over Half of a Households Hot Water

    After what was the biggest ever field trial of any ‘green devices’ it has been revealed that solar heating systems can provide over half of a household’s hot water needs. So it seems that solar power for homes up and down the country can save you money.

    The Energy Saving Trust carried out the search at 88 different homes up and down the country, for over a year and they found that having a solar water heating system fitted, which costs anything from £3,000 – £5,000 only saves a household £55 a year! Hardly worth it at the minute, which is why there are people calling for more clarity when it comes to Government subsidies on them.

    As has been mentioned, solar install can be rather costly and not quite worth it. That’s at the minute, however. There’s nothing to say that in a few year’s time the Government will be urging everyone to “go green” and will drop the prices of solar powered heating systems across the board, making it cheaper for everyone to get one for themselves.

    So although it may not be worth it at the minute you should definitely look at getting something in the future, as both you and your family will benefit from it in the long run. Although it may actually be a few years until you start to see the benefits from using solar panels for your heating and electricity, you should be able to sleep soundly at night in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment by “going green” and reducing your carbon footprint and your emissions.

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    Thames Railway Station set to be covered in Solar Panels

    A railway station in London that was shut in 2009 to undergo a massive revamp is set to be opened up again soon. It is the Blackfriars Train Station and it will be the first ever train station to span the length of the River Thames and it will have an astonishing 4,400 solar panels on its roof in an effort to try and make the train station more environmentally friendly and to try and lower the running costs.

    With these solar panels fitted, the Blackfriars Train Station is set to be able to cover around half of its electricity needs. This particular solar installation is set to cost around £7.3million of a £5.5billion Thameslink project. That’s a lot of money to be spending on solar panels! The station will also have sun pipes to let in natural light, which will cut down on the amount of lights they will need.

    Of course, you may be wondering just how much solar panels cost? Well you’ll be happy to know that in this instance, solar panels for your home do not cost anywhere near as much as they have for this particular project, and I imagine that you won’t be needing 4,400 solar panels for your house.

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    Northern cities lead the way in solar power generation

    The old saying “it’s grim up North” is definitely not true when it comes to renewable energy, as cities in the north of Britain are well ahead of their southern counterparts according to a new report.

    Although many solar installations are in more rural areas, the number of installations in cities has increased considerably in recent months according to a report from energy and climate change consultancy AEA.

    Steel city Sheffield comes out at the top of the table as the place which has generated more solar power energy per head than any other location in the UK. Nearly 2 megawatts of capacity have been added in the last few months, and second place in the table is awarded to Yorkshire neighbour Leeds.

    Bristol, Bradford and Birmingham follow, albeit at a fair distance behind. London had increased its capacity by 3.2MW but per head this only puts them at sixth in the table, and when measured by local authority area Cornwall comes out on top with the rest of the top five completed by Yorkshire towns and cities; Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield respectively.

    Solar panel installation is a great way of reducing your energy bills, whilst doing your part for the environment. The popularity of solar power for homes has grown in recent years as the solar panels have got cheaper and incentives from the government have meant that there are financial rewards available to those who install panels on their home.

    Many local authorities are also starting to roll out schemes to install solar panels on social housing, so there is the potential for other cities to catch up to Leeds and Sheffield in the coming months.

    By Craig Jones – Google Plus

    Google announces details of $75 million solar panel fund for homeowners

    Search engine Google has announced details of a fund in the USA to buy solar panels for 3,000 homeowners.

    The fund is being created with a San Francisco company and will allow homeowners to install a $30,000 system for solar electricity, solar heating and solar hot water on their property for little or no money upfront.

    Customers will have to pay a monthly fee to Google for having the panels which will either be the same or less than what they are currently paying to their energy supplier, ensuring that they can keep costs low and do their part for the environment.

    Google will benefit as, as well as receiving the money from homeowners, they will receive government subsidiaries as the owners of the panels. The panels won’t be Google branded; instead the fund is being offered to small, local installers who will use their own brand on the panels. As well as benefiting homeowners and Google, it will also benefit these smaller installers who would not have been able to afford to offer such subsidised rates on their own.

    The company has already dabbled with renewable energy, by investing in wind farms, solar projects and a scheme to build off-shore wind farms off the East Coast of the US, and Google hopes that their involvement will encourage more companies to invest in renewable energy in this form.

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    Is Solar Power The Way Forward?

    CargohopperSolarMiniTruck 300x195 Is Solar Power The Way Forward?, Solar Heating & Lighting SystemsWe all know that the Government is encouraging everyone to “Go Green”. Well it’s okay for the Government to encourage people to do it but they sometimes don’t seem to realise that there is a recession going on and people are struggling to make ends meet.

    Well, apparently there’s something out there, right now, which may help shape the future of American and European cities. It is something that is being trialled in the Netherlands at the minute. They are working to make a cargo delivery “train” which is made out of mini electric trucks, powered by solar power from its solar panels and they are hopeful that it will change the way the city approaches one part of its freight transportation.

    There are many different uses for solar panels, a lot of people use them in their homes to try and save on energy and fuel costs, and there are also many different businesses that make use of them too. Even Championship Football side Barnsley FC opted to have solar panel installation at their home ground, Oakwell in the hope that it will reduce their energy costs by tens of thousands of pounds and any energy that they don’t use they will sell back to the National Grid which will in turn help the club increase their income.

    Also, you can have solar power for homes. So for any of you out there who are reading this and thinking that you quite like the sound of having solar panels installed at your home then why not have a look into what kind of deals you can find? Who knows, you may find a right bargain, and then you’re on to a winner and can start saving straight away!

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    Solar Install’s Guide To Solar Water Heating

     Solar Install’s Guide To Solar Water Heating, Solar Heating & Lighting SystemsSolar power produced from panels on a house can be a fantastic source of energy for electricity and solar water heating.

    A solar hot water system installed in a home or business workplace can reap tons of benefits, on an environmental and financial level.

    Despite the costly price they are an investment for the future and ultimately they are a simple solution to being cost effective. This is exampled by the fact that a solar hot water system can reduce a domestic hot water bill by 50% and if used efficiently, it can reduce by up to 70%.

    As well as financially, the renewable energy system is also fantastic because it lowers CO2 emissions and is therefore ecological. Ultimately, they are easy to install and maintain.

    The solar panels on the buildings provide the most energy possible as the suns energy gets pumped and warmed up to work a solar hot water system. The water is heated by passing through a heat exchanger-it will then warm the water that is stored in a hot water cylinder and the boiler acts as a back-up heating when required.

    But does it work all year round?

    In summer when temperatures are warmer, the water in the cylinder is insulated to keep it warm for the next day. On average, it reaches temperatures of 80 degrees in only half a day. It is for these reasons that often a boiler can be turned off for six months of the year.

    Performance is affected by the following elements;

    - Location

    - Weather

    - Shade and tilt of panels

    - Planning permission

    For more information on solar power for homes or businesses to install water heating systems, use Solar Install.

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    Solar Power: The Facts

    solar power 200x300 Solar Power: The Facts, Solar Heating & Lighting Systems

    As Solar Power is vastly becoming the most cost-efficient way to reduce your energy bills and help the carbon footprint, it is clear that many people are seeing the benefits by changing their home energy systems to solar power.

    But the question is: do we know the key facts about solar power?

    We have previously used the sun to tan ourselves, dry the washing, and to produce food to live and grow, but the sun has only recently been used for solar power as our main energy source.

    According to UK energy, enough sunlight falls on the earth every hour to meet the world’s energy demands for an entire year.

    This fact alone reveals the huge importance of solar light, which is solely generated from the sun as a completely free energy source.

    UK energy has also revealed the impressive statement: “If we covered a small fraction of the Sahara desert with photovoltaic cells, we could generate all the world’s electricity requirements.”

    As solar power is frequently being introduced into councils, homes and schools in the UK, it is likely that the trend will multiply, with the possibility that a Desert as vast as the Sahara will one day supply and provide an ever lasting source of energy.

    But for this moment in time, perhaps it would be wise to raise the awareness and consider installing solar energy in your own home, before the Sahara Desert catches on!

    Solar panel installers, powered by photovoltaics can be costly; however, the installation of these solar systems will undoubtedly produce a substantial return on your investment, at a time when energy bills are rising.

    By Craig Jones – Google Plus

    Swindon Council Takes the Lead in Solar Power

    solar install pic 300x199 Swindon Council Takes the Lead in Solar Power, Solar Heating & Lighting SystemsAs renewable energy technology continues to develop, Swindon Council has made a decision to efficiently collect their energy supply by installing solar power.

    In an attempt to go green by improving the carbon footprint and reducing rising energy bills, Swindon Commercial Services Limited has invested in solar panels to be used on its office, warehouse and bus depot roof, which has been introduced by Swindon Borough Councils Sustainable Energy Framework.

    The solar panel installation will provide photovoltaics on council roofs in an investment of £900,000. The SCS depot project is expected to make a saving of £38,503.98 per annum resulting in £33,000 which is to be returned to the Council in order to recoup the initial investment, according to Solar Power Portal UK.

    Swindon Council also has plans to work with SCS to install solar panels in other areas, including; Thamesdown Transport’s Bus Depot, Catherine Wayte School and SBC Civic offices in Swindon’s town centre, providing the council with increased savings and a significant return on their investment.

    Bill Fisher, SCS Managing Director said: “In the current economic climate there is no greater or safer return in an investment as the ones we will see with photovoltaics”.

    As solar power has been proven to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources, many other councils in the UK are planning to follow Swindon’s lead and are hoping to secure solar power for homes and schools.

    Stockport council has also decided to invest in the solar power plan, to reduce electricity bills and service charges for property tenants and the council itself.

    The The big green switch company has previously completed installations for: Liverpool City Council, Birmingham City Council, Derby Homes, South Ribble Borough Council and the Wirral Borough Council on inner city projects, creating a range of renewable energy solutions.

    Solar Power is vastly becoming the leading way to save energy and money, whilst helping the environment. For more information on professional and reliable solar installation, contact us today.

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    Solar Install’s Guide To Solar Lighting

     Solar Install’s Guide To Solar Lighting, Solar Heating & Lighting Systems

    Solar lighting can lower overall power expenses and cut your carbon footprint on the environment but what actually is it?

    Here is a solar lighting help guide from Energy Gain trading as

    Fundamentally, solar lighting consists of varying forms but ultimately it is just renewable energy that is used for lighting a home.

    A solar lamp is an example of solar lighting in which a portable light fixture comprises a photovoltaic solar panel which recharges the battery.

    Solar lighting can be used in landscaping for outdoor lamps in gardens and lawns to mark footpaths as well as indoors for garages and rooms. One can install solar wall lights, security lights, solar panels, solar fairy lights, solar street lights and even solar shed lights. One inventor has even created a solar light bulb!

    Solar lighting is fantastic in that the lamps recharge during the day and at dusk, they turn on automatically and remain illuminated overnight depending on when the sun sets. In some sunny climates, one can get enough power to run a 100W light bulb from just one square metre of solar panel.

    They are mostly used for decorations because they do not provide as much light as a line-powered lighting system but they do come in a wide variety of designs to install some chic décor into the home.

    In general, they are easily installed and maintained and they provide a cheaper alternative to wired lamps. What is more though, they are eco-friendly!

    For more information on solar lighting and for a free, no obligation quote; ‘get in touch’ today.

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    Greater Manchester Couple Very First Residents In New ‘Green’ Homes

    landscape10 Greater Manchester Couple Very First Residents In New ‘Green’ Homes, Solar Heating & Lighting SystemsA couple from Rochdale, in Greater Manchester have become the very first residents to move into a new ‘green homes’ development scheme.

    Jean and Roy Helm, who have been married for 46 years, have moved in to the newly build two-bedroom bungalows on Dover St, as part of The Dover Street Scheme.

    The sustainable homes were built by Bright Horizons, the charitable development subsidiary company of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH); which is a not for profit company which is responsible for managing council homes on behalf of Rochdale Council.

    Gareth Swarbick, Chief Executive of RBH, said: “The sustainable features used in these homes will reduce energy bills for the tenants – and with rising utility prices this is becoming an important element of new build.”

    The bungalows reap the benefits of solar heating and solar lighting by having solar panels installed on the roof which warm up the hot water system and they have also been fitted with a super-efficient boiler which is used to make the water even hotter for when solar energy is not available.

    The property is further ‘green’ as it has a rain water harvesting system that collects rainwater and stores it in the ground then uses it to flush the toilet in the property and to supply the outside tap. Flow-restricted bathroom and shower taps reduce flow rate and the toilet also has a dual flush which typically reduces water usage by up to 30% to save money.

    The happy duo has reportedly already noticed they are not using as much energy, despite only living there for a few months.

    They told Rochdale Online: “We’ve already noticed that the solar panels are heating up the water and our first gas bill was actually a pleasant surprise.”

    The bungalows have installed a unit in the loft which aims to save heat and therefore money too. It ventilates the entire home, extracting moist stale air and at the same time introducing filtered fresh air which provides balanced ventilation so there is no need to open windows; and so reduces noise pollution from outside.

    At Solar Install, we pride ourselves on a reputation for quality service and reliability, so to save costs and be more environmentally friendly, contact us today.

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    Looking for a new cinematic experience? Visit Swansea’s solar powered cinema

    Many homes and businesses have started using solar power to cut their electricity bills and help reduce their carbon footprint. In Swansea, an arts charity has taken this one step further and runs a solar powered cinema.

    The Sol Cinema is the world’s smallest solar powered micro theatre and offers a unique cinema experience. Accommodating 8 adults or up to 12 young people, the cinema is powered by 120W solar PV panels and uses Lithium ion batteries to store energy.

    The cinema also uses a low LED projector to show films and the cinema has a library of comedic and quirky short films and music videos for visitors to watch.

    As solar technology gets becomes more sophisticated, solar powered buildings and equipment will become more common place.

    Scientists are currently developing solar powered aircraft and Apple are rumoured to be working on a solar powered version of the iPhone, whilst other companies come up with solar powered chargers, keyboards and various other pieces of equipment to help us reduce our dependency on traditional types of energy.

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    Subsidies Cut Results in Solar Energy Firm’s going Bankrupt

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