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Most often used in industrial buildings, high bay can outperform other types of illumination in more ways than one. Being ultra-durable, LED high bays can last as long as 25 years. And did we mention that this lighting costs up to 85% less to operate?

If you’re unsure whether this lighting provides the right solution for your needs, read on as our guide explains what it is and where it can be used.

Do I need high bay lighting?

There are two main lighting types for building ceilings. These are high bay and low bay.

As the name suggests, high bay lighting is used to illuminate industrial spaces with very high ceilings, such as factories or warehouses as well as places like gyms, conference halls and recreation centres.

By definition, a high bay light is placed high in the ceiling (up to about 45 feet) and so the space needed to be illuminated is large and needs a powerful power source to do this. For any ceilings up to 20ft, you’d need to use low bay lighting.

The main difference between low bay and high bay lighting is the mounting height  and the beam angle, but if you’re still bamboozled, read on to discover why you would need high bay lighting.

If it’s clear lighting with little glare that you need, high bay lighting is your best bet.

How do high bay LEDs work?

High bay lighting tends to demand more exacting placement of lamps and reflectors. If properly configured, it can achieve superb quality and intensity of light across the entirety of a wide, tall space.

This lighting type can also be positioned at lower mounting heights where necessary, in order to achieve more intense illumination over a narrower distribution area.

Consideration of layout, fittings and components is vital with this style of lighting. High bays must be chosen and positioned strategically to ensure the light they cast is strong and uniform. It must be just as effective at hitting both vertical and horizontal surfaces from a wider angle.

What types of high bay lighting are available?

There are many different  high bay fixtures and fittings available when planning a lighting configuration for a large and high-ceilinged workspace.

High bay lights are available in several different types, from LEDs through to metal halide bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Using different reflectors in different positions will deliver different results and that’s where our team comes in. 

We can help you achieve intense overhead spotlighting effects or a softer glow for a wide area. 

With high bay LED fittings, there’s no need for them to warm up before they hit a high intensity. This type of illumination also works well with microwave sensors, allowing for wide-aspect motion detection over bigger areas – compared to PIR sensors, which detect body heat and do not work efficiently in awkward spaces.

Another good thing to know is that with LED high bay lights, no UV or mercury is used or emitted. This means they are much safer to use and operate than some other types of light bulbs.

How much do high bays cost?

Our new ultra-efficient super cost-effective high bay lights should provide a return on investment in as little as nine months!

Lighting zaps a fifth of all the energy consumed in the UK, according to stats from The Carbon Trust. For businesses, that figure can soar to 40%. 

With vastly improved LED lights and their pricing dropping in recent times, LED lighting is certainly the way to reaching the government’s goal to reduce carbon footprint by as much as 60 per cent within 20 years.

More advantages of high bay LED lighting

There are so many benefits to having high bays installed:

  • LED bay lighting is the most energy-efficient solution for big areas on today’s market.
  • It’s designed for larger spaces, therefore improving visibility and worker safety.
  • Once these lighting types are installed, there is zero maintenance which is always a bonus. 
  • Levels of lighting can be increased or controlled for daylight compensation 
  • Buyers also receive a comprehensive 10 year warranty
  • Users can rest assured that they’re playing their part to reduce carbon emissions, as LED lighting is a much more sustainable energy source.

What if I choose the wrong style of lighting?

Choosing the right LED bay fitting matters because using the wrong fixture (high bay in a low-ceiling area, or a low bay in a high-ceiling area) can result in raging electricity bills, poorly or overly lit areas – and even major hazards. 

In a few minutes we can tell you what lumens to look for in your new high bay LED lighting. 

Lumens are the measure of visible light produced by a light source. All light sources are measured in lumens. Getting this right will save you from overspending on too much light or, worse, installing inadequate lighting that you’ll have to rip down later.

How our Manchester & London teams can help with high bay applications

Not only does Big Green Switch know the importance of strong, bright lights in areas like warehouses, but we also realise that choosing the best fixture is of paramount importance.

We can design bespoke LED lighting units for any application by choosing the right power and lens shape to meet your requirements.

Let Big Green Switch determine whether high bay fixtures are right for you. We’re happy to chat about ways that you can cut operating costs with efficient LED lighting.

Our knowledgeable energy consultants in Manchester & London are ready to assist you in all your commercial lighting needs. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today on 0161 738 1154 for a free quote and expert advice.


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