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Keeping car parks safe has always been the major thrust when lighting up these areas late at night. 

It is paramount that both motorists and pedestrians can see each other clearly, along with other vehicles, road signs, exits, entrances and stairwells or lifts.

Sufficient lighting systems in public car parks are also vital in terms of safety as they will help to identify people on CCTV and therefore act as a major deterrent. This is not only in terms of personal crimes and anti-social behaviour but also damage and theft.

Unfortunately, the cost of operating traditional lamps made it almost impossible to keep lights burning to ensure the safety of drivers returning to their vehicles, especially during the hours of darkness.

Big Green Switch understands the need to provide efficient lighting at a reasonable cost.

We are happy to offer energy efficient LED car park lighting to keep everybody safe and protected.

Directional LED Lighting

Older car park lamps and lighting systems were designed to radiate outwards, which actually resulted in lower lumens where they were really needed. Since they burned so hot, the heat needed rapidly dispersing. 

With LED lighting, there are no high temperature areas so they can safely be directed towards where the maximum amount of light is needed. What’s more, they can operate in low and cold temperatures, so they are perfect for multi storey car parks.

We can even provide and install wireless solutions for car parks. This would allow operators to monitor, automate and control lighting from a single interface. Our systems can dim lighting as necessary, turning it on and off to save energy.

Long life, low maintenance 

With some car parks open 24 hours a day and having a large number of fittings, this means that reliability and efficacy are extremely important in maximising the cost savings of an LED lighting installation.

As compared to conventional lighting, LED lights are extremely long-lived. The can last as long as 100,000 hours and as they are of solid state construction, are durable and require little to no maintenance along the way. 

Energy efficient? LED lighting is often 75% to 80% cheaper to run than HID and incandescent lights. This is the reason why we at Big Green Switch are excited to have a line of energy efficient LED lights and bulbs especially for use in car parks.

Big Green Switch is here to help you keep your car park safe with extremely bright LED lighting at a considerably lower cost than you ever dreamed possible.

LEDs for outdoor spaces

While floodlights are very commonly used to light large indoor spaces such as warehouses, they are also used outdoors. When choosing an LED floodlight for outdoor use, it’s vital to consider water resistance, especially with UK weather.

Luckily, all modern LED floodlights are built to IP65 standard which means they are protected from water sprays, making them suitable for outdoor car parks.

Another pointer is to choose lighter colour temperatures as these are incredibly effective for illuminating large and dark spaces. 

 Our designers can prepare a bespoke plan for your lighting for outdoor or indoor car parks. 

More advantages of car park LED lighting

  • LED lights are excellent for their ability to control glare.Well-designed optics on LED fixtures means that direct brightness is minimised. This is perfect for a car park setting as people in vehicles do not want to be unexpectedly blinded whilst driving around.
  • This style of lighting works extremely well in low and colder temperatures so it is especially suitable for an indoor or outdoor car park.
  • LED car park lighting is incredibly durable, With no tubes or filaments to contend with, this means there is no risk of the lights shattering. Even used for eight hours per day, they would not need to be replaced for around 15 years – quite the saving on the old style incandescent bulbs.
  • LED bulbs are cheap and efficient, producing a huge amount of light compared to the outlay spent on the lights and their installation..

Our energy experts are waiting for your call

To find out just how much you can save and what it takes to make the switch, contact one of our experts today. We have teams in Manchester & London but we will travel to any UK destination.

We have provided LED lighting solutions into many car parks, including underground, outdoor and multi-storeys. 

Our aim is to show you how easy it is to make the switch to cheaper, sustainable energy and reap the monetary benefits of much greener energy.

Obviously the actual savings you can make will depend on the size of your premises and your usage. But the best thing about upgrading your warehouse lighting to LED is that it will pay for itself within the year comfortably. 

Contact our experts today on 0161 738 1154 and see how much you can save. 


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