Benefits of LED Lighting

It seems like only yesterday that LED lighting was an exciting new technology because it promised to provide an eco-friendly and energy efficient light source for both domestic and commercial use.

At Big Green Switch we are happy to tell you that this amazingly advanced solid state technology has more than lived up to all our expectations. It is our goal to help you better understand how LED lighting can reduce your company’s overhead whilst providing benefits you could have only imagined just a few short years ago!

Here are just some of the benefits of LED lights that Big Green Switch can offer your business:
  • Light that is instantaneous – less energy expended than incandescent or CFL lamps that need to warm up.
  • Energy efficient solid state technology – energy is not wasted producing heat since nothing is hot.
  • Ultra long life – 50,000- 100,000 hours (incandescent 1,000 – CFL perhaps 6,000).
  • Super durable – no gas-filled tubes or fragile filaments to bust.
  • Little to no maintenance – bear in mind this is solid state technology.
  • Absence of radiation – No harmful ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation.
  • Eco-friendly – No damaging metals such as Mercury and fully recyclable at end of life.
Now you can see why Big Green Switch are so excited to offer commercial LED lighting. These are just a few of the benefits of LED lighting and as time goes on and technology continues to expand, we will bring those advancements to our loyal customers.