Cree 10 Year Warranty LED

One of the reasons why Big Green Switch is so happy to work with Constellation and CREE LED lighting solutions is because of their rock solid 10 year warranty.

We have found that they offer the widest range of products from any manufacturer in the industry and offer the most comprehensive warranty cover.

Here are a few examples of LED lighting products that are covered under the CREE 10 Year Warranty:

• Commercial-grade indoor and outdoor fixtures – including road signs and signals for companies.
• CR series downlights
• LED bulbs in the TW series
• Dimmable LED lights and fixtures

The amount of cover offered is substantial by anyone’s measure, but if those CREE LED terms have you confused, talk to one of our energy consultants.

The team at Big Green Switch is more than happy to help you understand the amazing cover on the CREE 10 Year Warranty LED lights, bulbs and accessories.

Check the CREE website for full details of the warranty

Contact us for more detailed information on the CREE LED lights. A highly knowledgeable consultant with experience in saving money with sustainable energy will answer any questions you may have.