High Bay / Low Bay LED Lighting

Most often used in industrial applications, high bay and low bay LED lighting can outperform other types of illumination in more ways than one. Being ultra-durable, LED high bay and low bay lighting can last as long as 20 years. They also:

  • Cost up to 85% less to operate.
  • Often easy increase light levels in an area.
  • Easy to control for movement, dimming and daylight compensation.
  • Require no maintenance.
  • Reduce carbon emissions due to being a more sustainable energy source.
  • Benefit from comprehensive 10 year warranty.

The Government aims at reducing the UK’s carbon footprint by as much as 60% within the next few decades. LED lighting is definitely the way to get us to that goal.

High Bay and Low Bay Applications

Not only does Big Green Switch know the importance of strong, bright lights in such areas as a warehouse, but we also realise that choosing the right fixture is of paramount importance.

Many of the features of high bay and low bay fixtures are similar but the main difference is the height of the room in which they will be installed. Typically, high bay lights are used in heights of at least 8 metres. They also offer much brighter solutions due to the directional nature of the light produced.

We can design bespoke LED lighting units for any application by choosing the right power and lens shape to meet your requirements.
Let Big Green Switch help you determine whether High Bay or Low Bay fixtures are right for you and talk to you about ways in which to cut operating costs with efficient LED lighting.

Our knowledgeable energy consultants are ready to assist you in all your commercial lighting needs so give us a call on 0161 738 1154 for a free quote and expert advice.