LED Lighting for Car Parks

Keeping car parks safe has always been the major thrust when lighting up parking areas late at night. Unfortunately, the cost of operating traditional lamps made it almost impossible to keep lights burning to ensure the safety of motorists returning to their vehicles. Big Green Switch understands the need to provide enough lighting at a reasonable cost.

We are happy to offer energy efficient LED car park lighting to keep everybody safe and protected.


Directional LED Lighting

Older car park lamps and lighting systems were designed to radiate outwards, which actually resulted in lower lumens where they were really needed. Since they burned so hot, the heat needed rapidly dispersing. With LED lighting, there are no high temperature areas so they can safely be directed towards where the maximum amount of light is needed.


Long Life – Low Maintenance – Energy – Efficient

As compared to conventional lighting, LED lights are extremely long-lived. The can last as long as 100,000 hours and as they are of solid state construction, are durable and require little to no maintenance along the way. Energy efficient? LED lighting is often 75% to 80% cheaper to run than HID and incandescent lights. This is the reason why we at Big Green Switch are excited to have a line of energy efficient LED lights and bulbs for car parks.

Big Green Switch is here to help you keep your car park safe with extremely bright LED lighting at a considerably lower cost than you ever dreamed possible. To find out just how much you can save and what it takes to make the switch, contact a member of our team today and switch to cheaper, sustainable energy.