LED for the Office

At Big Green Switch, we know that it is quite expensive running an office. For that reason, commercial lighting for the office environment can add tonnes to the business’ utility bills. We would like to help you cut those expensive energy costs wherever possible. Since it is estimated that at least one-third of the electric utilised by the average office is for lighting, we can help you reduce that amount significantly with our LED office lighting.

LED Lights for Greater Savings

LED lights are the most energy efficient lights on the market, and as so little energy is used to produce light, we at Big Green Switch recommend converting to LED lighting as soon as possible so that you can start realising the cost-saving benefits today. Compared to conventional lamps, LED lighting lasts 20 times longer and utilise only one-fifth (or perhaps even less!) of the usual electricity.

With office LED lighting you can expect to:

  • Cut operating expenses to increase your profit margin, helping you to save money if your office is on a budget.
  • Increase productivity – It is proven that poor lighting hinders office productivity (excellent for working in an office environment... You will really get the most out of your staff!
  • Take advantage of low maintenance, long-lived LED lights which (many last 20 years or more).
  • Reduce carbon emissions in compliance with Government directives.

And that is just the beginning of what Big Green Switch has to offer. For a free consultation on LED Lighting for your office, give us a call today. Our energy consultants are on the job to make yours a whole lot easier, and help you save money when switching your office to LED lighting.