As your design partner for renewable energy systems, Big Green Switch can help you with planning approval

This page covers planning consent. Electrical systems also need to notify or request connection to the electricity grid as described here, and registration for Feed-In Tariffs as described here. Some technologies, such as hydro and biomass may require further approvals, summarised here.

When you do need planning approval

It is usually best to submit the application through your normal planning advisors as they will know the authority’s planners and any local issues. However where Big Green Switch has been involved in the design of the system, we can provide the necessary drawings and much of the specialist energy information for the planning submission.

There is a standard list of planning fees that apply in England, available here. The applicable section is usually buildings, though standalone renewable installations, such as solar parks are classified as ‘plant and machinery’.

Planning for solar parks

Because large scale solar farms are relatively new to the UK, we have prepared this document on the main planning considerations. It is advisable to use a recognised specialist in PV systems to help guide projects through planning, especially in regions where it has not been deployed previously. Big Green Switch is happy to assist in this process.