Solar PV

One of the things we love at Big Green Switch is having the ability to bring free electricity to our business customers. With Solar PV this is not only possible… It is happening right here and now!

A basic understanding of Solar PV technology is all you need to understand how this works. By capturing solar energy, an electronic process naturally occurs in semi-conductors. Tiny electrons are freed and begin powering electric devices as they travel through the material.

Not only can Big Green Switch show you how to power your entire commercial building or car park with Solar PV, but we can show you how to feed excess into the grid for a small bit of extra income, or store electricity for later use.

A few short years ago, the cost of manufacturing and installing Solar PV made this technology unaffordable for small to mid-size businesses. As a result of a higher demand and advancements in technology, the cost of Solar PV systems has decreased drastically. We are happy to pass those savings on to you, helping you save money whilst receiving eco-friendly, sustainable energy.

Big Green Switch is a leader in bringing cost effective, energy-efficient free solar energy to commercial enterprises and properties. For a free quote and further information on how Solar PV can benefit your business, contact our energy consultants today and get started on your journey to cheaper, renewable energy!