Commercial Solar Panels

High electricity bills are causing an increasing number of commercial businesses trying to seek out ways of cutting costs. One of the solutions is obviously to find ways to reduce usage wherever possible but unfortunately, it may not be possible to cut back on enough power to make a difference in your overall energy bill.

Businesses looking to reduce the cost of electricity whilst also gaining an ongoing source of income should take a few moments to consider Commercial Solar Panels. If you own the property where your business is located, rooftop solar panels are ideally suited. Installing Solar Panels means tapping into the constant source of free energy that the Sun pours out every day. It is possible to have them installed on the ground as well, provided there is good access to sunlight from the South.

There are many benefits of Solar Panels for business, including:

  • Dead and unused space becomes a good source of income
  • Generating income through the Feed-in-Tariff scheme
  • Return on Investment (ROI) ranges from 10 to 20%
  • Solar panels work year round during daylight hours, providing you with a constant source of energy
  • Excess solar energy can be fed into grid to gain extra money, or stored in batteries for later use

Those are just the highlights of what you can achieve with our Commercial Solar Panels. Not only will you save on electricity and energy bills, but you will be establishing an eco-friendly name for your business.

Big Green Switch is ready to help you make the switch to cost-effective energy, and help you to recognise the money-saving benefits of profitable solar power.

To learn more about this amazing technology and for a free quote on Commercial Solar PV systems, contact our team of expert energy consultants. It is our goal to help you save money and together we will work towards a greener, cleaner nation.