Solar Farms

Landowners scattered about the countryside may want to investigate committing some of their land to UK solar farms. This type of solar installation is a larger installation that has the potential to supply solar power electricity to large communities. It takes a bit of planning to get the permissions needed for the installation, but the benefits are endless!

If the UK is to meet the EU’s 15% renewables goal by the year 2020, solar farms would need to play a vital role in supplying solar energy to homes all over the UK and Europe. Just one UK solar farm generating 5MW of electricity could provide power for approximately 1,500 households. It can also cut CO2 emissions by more than 2,000 tonnes – a pretty impressive benefit for simply exploiting the Sun’s free energy!

Whilst planning permissions would seek to identify a solar farm’s impact on the local society, once it is approved and operational, the benefits to the community are tremendous. You don’t have to worry about any ecological damage to the land - in fact; the land could have a dual use. Sheep could graze there, and fodder vegetation for insects could be grown as well.

Big Green Switch understands the need to supply electricity that is not dependent upon foreign oil. This is why we would like to discuss solar farms with landowners willing to commit some of their land for the local community.

Smaller solar farms could financially benefit from the FIT scheme, whilst larger solar farms would take advantage of the Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme.

If you have land and would like to explore the huge potential in solar farms, contact Big Green Switch today. We can help you discover how to make use of your land that will benefit the community. Generate eco-friendly, sustainable power whilst gaining extra income.