Solar Power for Manufacturing

Here at Big Green Switch we love helping companies increase their bottom line whilst simultaneously helping the environment, and this is especially true for manufacturing businesses where overheads for light and heat can be substantial, particularly in environments with round-the-clock shifts.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

By the year 2050, it is the UK Government’s intention to reduce carbon emissions from companies by as much as 60%. This means that they are actively monitoring companies throughout the UK and their emission levels, with a view to potentially introducing allowances and tariffs going forward. It is in your best interests to get ahead of the curve and consider a solar energy solution.

Benefits of Solar Power for Manufacturers

Here are just a few of the benefits we would like you to be aware of, to see just how cost effective it is to make the transition.

Solar power for manufacturing
  • Drastically reduced operating costs.
  • Lower carbon footprint in keeping with Government initiative.
  • Little to no maintenance throughout the very long lifespan of a solar panel.
  • Manufacturing can save from 70% to 85% of current cost of powering the entire operation.

Bear in mind that we at Big Green Switch want to help you utilise solar power throughout your entire manufacturing plant, combined with LED lighting (even though, that alone provides a HUGE savings annually!).

From lighting up production lines for increased productivity to potentially halving your utility bills, Big Green Switch knows how to help your manufacturing enterprise become more efficient all the way around.

For more information on what we can do to help your business increase productivity whilst saving loads of money, call our solar panel and energy experts today.