Solar for the Office

At Big Green Switch, we know that it can be expensive to run an office. With electricity bills and gas bills adding thousands of Pounds per year to the average business’ overheads, you may be looking for a way to reduce the outgoing costs in your commercial office. Since it is estimated that at least one-third of the electric used by the average office is for lighting and the other amounts used for heating, we can help you.

Solar Energy in the Office for Greater Savings

In fact, our solar power for the office can help you cut the costs of electricity by as much as 70 to 85% - and that is conservative! Along with LED office lights (the most energy efficient lights on the market), solar power is free once you have installed the panels on your office… Can you imagine how much you’ll save?

Solar power for the office

Solar Thermal

  • Cut operating expenses to increase your profit margin, helping you save money in the office.
  • Enjoy free energy from the sun – it’s free and never-ending!
  • Reduce carbon emissions in compliance with Government directives, getting your office on track to be eco-friendly.

This is just the beginning of what Big Green Switch has to offer. Contact the sustainable energy experts today and get more information on how you can use solar thermal energy in the office. For a free consultation on what solar thermal energy is available in your office, give us a call today. Our energy consultants are on the job to make yours a whole lot easier.