Solar Thermal

Are you an individual or company looking to cut energy costs for your home or business? You might want to familiarise yourself with another aspect of solar energy – thermal solar energy.

Similar to Solar Panel energy, Solar Thermal energy is a means of capturing free energy from the Sun. However, this energy is used in a totally different manner. Whereas a Solar Panel installation uses energy to generate electricity, Solar Thermal uses that energy as a heat source for liquids (primarily water).

In a nutshell, Solar Thermal energy generates heat which is most often used to power hot water tanks. However, Solar Thermal energy can oddly be used to power cooling systems as well!
Some of the key benefits to Solar Thermal energy are:

Some of the key benefits to solar thermal energy are:

  • Price decrease in utility bills – If a home or business requires a large amount of hot water, energy from the Sun provides free power to generate that heat. If a large enough amount of water is heated on a daily basis, the reduction in cost can be as much as 70% - resulting in an impressive saving for a business or homeowner!
  • Government mandates on sustainability – Those commercial buildings that have been mandated to lower their carbon emissions can work towards meeting those requirements by using solar energy to heat water. On the plus side – Return on Income (ROI) can significantly offset the cost of solar thermal energy installation.
  • Reduced carbon emissions – Solar Thermal energy lowers your carbon footprint when generating heat at your location. For businesses operating in today’s eco-conscious society, this can be one of the best ways to network with other businesses and customers who are also doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint.

Big Green Switch has been helping homeowners and businesses throughout the UK realise huge savings by converting to Solar Thermal energy for their hot water and cooling needs.
Whether it is for your boiler, hot water tanks or cooling systems, we can show you how to make the most of free solar power.

For more information and a free energy consultation, call us today. We are happy to help you understand just how much you can save with Solar Thermal energy.