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One of the things we love here at Big Green Switch is helping companies throughout the UK to increase their bottom line. 

We know that for manufacturing companies, LED lighting is the only way forward, which is why we are offering a way for businesses to reduce their overhead costs and utility bills.

Not only can you save the largest portion of what you are now spending on electricity, but you can find a solution to reduce carbon emissions at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for everybody!

The government’s intentions

By the year 2050, the UK government’s intention is to reduce carbon emissions in the UK by as much as 60 per cent. This means that they are actively monitoring companies throughout the country, looking at your energy activity and carbon emissions.

What we at Big Green Switch hope to help you accomplish is so much bigger in the broader scheme, whilst simultaneously helping you to reduce your overhead costs.

Commercial LED lighting

The use of LED lighting is increasingly rapidly in warehouses up and down the country, with companies jumping on the chance to reap the benefits of huge energy savings.

Gone are the days of fluorescent flickering tubes which just buzz a lot and are downright annoying.

LED lights make a positive impact on work spaces, especially within warehouses. Light from this source enables light to be evenly spread, illuminating all areas that may have been in shadow previously.

In business today, poor lighting is not an option and that’s where we are here to help.

Why are LED manufacturing lights needed?

Brighter light without glare is on the agenda for many business owners who are looking to prevent staff getting sick and improving the general health and safety environment for employees.

LED lighting solution also calms moods, creating a soothing appeal to help enhance efficiency, productivity, and output as well as making the room brighter. These lights don’t use nearly as much energy as usual lighting solutions, which means they can also cut your carbon emissions drastically!

Lighting for industrial and commercial warehousing has to be efficient and bright to comply with industry health and safety standards. Quite often warehouses run 24 hours a day, meaning much work is carried out in the hours of darkness.

Jobs like stock checks, order picking and stock rotation can be made much more workable with increased luminosity; ultimately rendering the warehouse a much safer place to work.

It’s also vital that optimum visual conditions exist when staff look up towards the ceiling as well, for example, using forklift trucks to arrange goods at a high height. 

More benefits of LED manufacturing lights

Here are some more important benefits we would like to make you aware of. You won’t believe how cost-effective it is to make the transition.More advantages included:

  • Drastically reduced operating costs.
  • Extremely long life in solid state LED lights (5 or 10 year warranty periods).
  • Lower carbon footprint in keeping with government initiative.
  • Little to no maintenance throughout their very long lifespan.
  • Coupled with solar power, manufacturing can save from 70 to 85 per cent of current cost of powering the entire operation.

Bear in mind that we, at Big Green Switch, want to help you utilise solar power throughout your entire manufacturing plant, not only LED lighting. (Although, that alone provides HUGE savings annually!)

Greater efficiency for all

From lighting up production lines for increased productivity to illuminating storage areas and delivery bays, Big Green Switch knows how to help your manufacturing enterprise become more efficient all the way around. 

We can help you increase your bottom line and that’s what it takes to be a success in manufacturing. Naturally the actual savings you can make will depend on the size of your premises and your usage. But the best thing about upgrading your warehouse lighting to LED is that it will pay for itself within the year comfortably. 

How do I go about having LED commercial lighting fitted?

Our experienced team at Big Green Switch understands that every warehouse has different needs. 

Our team will complete a report to show how much you can save as well as showing you the best warehouse LED fixtures and solutions for your workplace.

All you need to do to start saving your business cash, is complete our quick quotation form. If you accept,our fully qualified installation team will come and fit your new LED lights.

You’ll be provided with aftercare advice to ensure you get the most benefit from your new lighting system. 

Our Manchester & London energy experts can help

For more information on what we can do to help your business increase productivity whilst saving loads of money, call our LED lighting for manufacturers specialists today. You’re just one step away from a radical boost in profits – we’re sure of it!

We have energy experts on hand in Manchester & London to answer any questions you may have about warehouse lighting or any other applications of lighting that you may need. 

Our team will help you reduce your bills and become more energy-efficient.

Call us for a no obligation quote now on 0161 738 1154.


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