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It seems like only yesterday that LED lighting was an exciting new technology because it promised to provide an eco-friendly and energy efficient light source for both domestic and commercial use.At Big Green Switch we are happy to tell you that this amazingly advanced solid state technology has more than lived up to all our expectations. It is our goal to help you better understand how LED lighting can reduce your company’s overhead whilst providing benefits you could have only imagined just a few short years ago! Here are just some of the benefits of LED lights that Big Green Switch can offer your business:

LED Lights

One of the greatest complements to sustainable energy is, without a doubt, LED lighting. Unlike previous generations of electric lamps, LED lights and bulbs use a minimal amount of energy and are capable of lasting a very long time. In fact, it is not beyond the realms of possibility for LED light bulbs to last as long as twenty years, if not longer, with a minimum of 5 or 10 years of warranted life.

LED – Light-Emitting Diode

In order to understand just how efficient and cost effective LED lighting is, it would be good to understand a little about how they work. LED stands for light-emitting diode and is the result of electricity passing through a semi-conductive material. The energy produced is used to light up multiple tiny diodes which combine together inside a single larger bulb that we refer to as an LED lamp.

Extremely Energy Efficient

Since very little electricity is used, LED lights do not produce a great deal of heat and are thus extremely energy efficient. Wastage through heat is where much of the energy is lost in conventional lamps – or incandescent lamps, to be exact. The small amount of heat that is produced in an LED light is transferred to a heat sink within the fitting which scatters the heat and helps the LED bulb to remain cool. Even after an LED light has been ‘burning’ for hours, it is still possible to reach up and unscrew the lamp from the fixture as it will only be slightly warm to the touch!

Highly Cost Effective in the Long Term

One of the biggest objections in switching to LED lights is the up-front cost factor. Unfortunately, all too many people look only at the initial cost of buying the lights. Yes, it is true that LED lamps often cost more to purchase than conventional lamps (and perhaps twice as much as a compact fluorescent bulb), but they last more than 20 times longer and utilise only one-fifth (or perhaps even less!) of the electricity.

As so little energy is used to produce light, we at Big Green Switch recommend converting to LED lighting as soon as possible so that you can start realising the cost-saving benefits today. We are all about saving money for our customers whilst doing our part to build a greener future for generations to come. Converting to LED lights is truly making a Big Green Switch.

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We have a proven record of delivering sustainable energy solutions on time and to budget. All projects are completed with absolute professionalism using the best quality products and materials, with realistic return on investment calculations based on our clear, transparent pricing structure.


Honesty is the best policy and we pride ourselves on completing all projects with integrity, not just for our clients but also our suppliers and subcontractors. We have dozens of successful projects to our name, a testament to our professional consistency.


We are committed to providing the very best sustainable energy solutions for our clients using a mix of new and mature technologies. Our attention to detail and post-completion customer care ensure absolute satisfaction with the service we provide.

Who We Are

Big Green Switch is a trading style of Perfect Sense Energy. We have been trading since 2010 and work nationwide from our base in Manchester. We work on all manner of sustainable energy projects, with our primary focus being business cost reduction.

Our tried and tested process establishes clear project objectives from the outset with transparent pricing and return on investment calculations, before delivering on those objectives using a phased approach.

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How much money can I expect to save by switching to LED lighting?

Our customers often express their delight – and shock – at the savings they’ve been able to make simply by making the switch. Obviously the answer is dependent on the nature of your business, the energy you currently use and the size of your workplace. But on average the savings are at around 80% on lighting alone.

Are LED lights considered ‘green’?

LED lights are deemed environmentally-friendly as they require only a tiny amount of electricity compared to traditional lights to give out the equivalent amount of light. LED bulbs do not contain mercury or other harmful chemicals.

How long will my LED lights last?

On average you could expect your LED lightbulbs to last up to 30,000 hours. When you compare that to the old style incandescent bulbs which are 1,000, it’s quite a saving to be made!

What types of lighting do you specialise in?

Our main aim is to help businesses become more energy-efficient and that means helping companies make the switch to LED Lighting. We offer many kinds of lighting from warehouse and industrial to office and retail but we also offer petrol station lighting and LED for schools.

What if I install the wrong type of LED lighting?

You won’t – that’s what the team at Big Green Switch are here for. Our time-served installation team knows exactly what lighting fixtures and fittings you’ll need when they do their report. So leave all the technical worries to us!

Why should I go with Big Green Switch for my installation?

Our track record for delivering sustainable energy solutions to an excellent standard, on time and to budget is second to none. We are professional throughout our projects and we promise to provide realistic aims for return on investments.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and we will always be straight with you regarding our prices.

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