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High quality lighting in an industrial setting should be a top priority for many reasons ranging from staff morale to health and safety, but unfortunately it is often cost prohibitive.

Lighting is often one of the biggest costs in operating this style of unit and the ever-fluctuating price of oil puts a constant strain on budgets. 

But this actually presents a massive opportunity to save money and increase profitability when a low-energy lighting solution is brought into the mix.

LED lighting solutions and systems are best for cutting energy bills as they can slash them by as much as 85%! This means that the projects can and do pay for themselves in terms of energy and maintenance cost savings within as little as two years.

Government goals

In 20 years time, the UK government intends to reduce carbon emissions here by around two thirds. Businesses are starting to be scrutinised to see just how much energy they are using by looking at currency energy usage and carbon emissions.

Our aim here at Big Green Switch is to help you lower your energy bills, ultimately resulting in more profit for your business whilst remaining vigilant about the environment.

Industrial LED lighting

LED lighting is on the rise in industrial units, with companies realising the expense of lighting huge areas with fluorescent buzzing tubes for hours on end.

Managers need to know the positive impact that LED lighting has upon workspaces – and more importantly on the staff that work there.

Bad lighting can cause eye strain, headaches and bad moods among many more ailments. And that simply isn’t acceptable for your hard working colleagues today.

Light from LEDs is more evenly spread. This means that areas that are dark or often in shadow can be illuminated efficiently. 

A blend of red, green and blue light is what makes LED brighter and able to emit white light. They are perfect for an industrial setting as they can be controlled for colour.

And because the light is directional it can be targeted for a specific location without any external reflector. This means it can achieve far superior efficiency than other forms of lighting.

And that is where Big Green Switch is here to help – we can plan and fit a bespoke style of lighting to meet the exact requirements of your industrial workplace.

Choosing the perfect LED bay fitting matters because using the incorrect fixture, for example using high bay lighting – which is perfect for industrial settings – in an area with a very low ceiling could actually cause areas to be poorly lit. And let’s not mention the increased electricity bills which you’re trying to avoid in the first place – or you wouldn’t be reading this, right?

Savings to be made with LED

With an industrial business some types of savings can be difficult to quantify. Imagine how much profit could be realised if productivity increased as a result of workplace lighting being vastly improved? 

Then there’s the reduction in accidents or mistakes due to poor lighting. Not only would that save money on wasted products and materials but consider the savings on things like insurance costs and fingers crossed they don’t happen – health and safety claims.

LED lighting is a worthy upgrade if you factor in how much productive staff could be and the potential costs that could easily be avoided for the sake of a vast improvement in quality during production processes. 

Industrial organisations should not trade off for shorter initial payback periods. Instead they should consider the long-term benefits over years. From a financial point of view, LED lights make far more sense due to their long life span and maintenance savings.

More advantages of industrial LED Lighting

  • A high lumen output per watt, makes LEDs capable of converting almost three quarters of their energy into light. This makes them much more efficient than other bulbs.
  • The lower temperatures of LED lighting and the fact they contain no toxic chemicals, makes them much safer to operate.
  • LEDs are extremely durable and a  reliable form of lighting as they can operate well in low and colder temperatures.
  • They can withstand vibration that you may expect in an industrial setting, as there are no filaments or fragile parts.
  • From the moment you flick the switch, LEDs operate at full brightness – no hanging around waiting for lights to come on so business can get cracking straight away.
  • Using LEDs in industrial spaces will not lower maintenance costs, but will also save you large amounts of money on your electricity bill and replacements.

Our happy customers

DAMS commissioned our LED installation experts to design a personalised lighting system for its warehouse. The main criteria was to improve the light output whilst reducing energy spend. Check out how we did just that, here.

Call our Manchester & London experts

Most of our industrial LED lighting range is covered by a long 10-year warranty for peace of mind, taking all the risk out of the project. We can show you how to find the best LED lighting solutions for your warehouse, no matter how large.

Talk to our energy experts at Big Green Switch so that you can learn how to cut costs whilst providing all the light your employees need to do their jobs well.

We will consult you on every step of the installation and check you are happy as we go along. With over two decades’ experience we will make sure your illumination is fit for purpose and provide a warranty at the end of the process.

There are too many benefits of LED lighting in an industrial unit to mention here. Call our Manchester & London-based experts today so we can show you exactly how it works. 


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