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LED Lighting for Hotels

Hotel lighting tends to be relatively costly and damaging to the environment given the number of rooms that typically need lighting up, including communal and access areas.

LED lighting offers the potential for your hotel to save a considerable amount of money, which is why we always recommend making the Big Green Switch to LED lighting in your hotel.

Roll-out in Phases

led lighting for hotels

Usually we suggest getting your Solar Power system in place first and during the next phase, we will help you switch over to LED throughout your hotel. Most proprietors start with the back end of house meaning the offices, kitchens, storage rooms and hallways. At this stage we may even suggest you transition entryways and guest park as well.

Minimal Disruption

When this has been completed, you will move on to your guest rooms as they become vacant. During times when restaurants are closed is an ideal time to switch out those energy hungry incandescents and CFLs to energy and cost efficient LED lamps. With our help you can make the switch with a minimum amount of disruption to your guests.

LED & Solar for Hotel Signage

Finally, don’t forget any signage you may have! With the efficiency of LED and power from the sun, you can scroll any internal or external adverts at a fraction of what it is now costing you. LED & Soar is the future of energy efficient lighting but Big Green Switch know that future is NOW!
For a free quote and expert advice on saving up to 85% of your energy costs, call Big Green Switch today. LED & Solar for hotels is a winning combination and we want you to be the winner.


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