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LED Lighting for Petrol Stations

Petrol stations are an essential element in UK business and infrastructure, and switching to LED lighting presents an attractive opportunity any fuel provider.

LED lights are the best option for any petrol station as they are extremely cost efficient and in an area where lighting is being used for 24 hours a day, seven days a week the savings can be massive. With margins tighter than they’ve ever been, it is important to reign in your business overheads and utility bills as much as possible.
At Big Green Switch, we can help you with an LED lighting solution that will provide your customers with a way to see clearly when fuelling their vehicles. From LED lighting inside the building to LED signage and displays, there are many more ways to save money – more than you ever thought possible!

Let the energy experts at Big Green Switch help you cut costs so that you can realise a higher profit margin. With energy and oil prices fluctuating significantly over time, reducing your usage reduces your exposure to such fluctuations.

LED lighting often offers a better quality and colour of light than traditional lighting systems, so it can also improve the perceived safety and overall presentation of your forecourt, thereby increasing footfall and saving money simultaneously. It’s a win–win proposition!

LED lighting for petrol stations
Big Green Switch can show you how to be a winner each and every time. Save money, increase profits and boost business all in one go with our LED lighting solutions for petrol stations. Our energy experts can help you design an LED petrol station lighting system that works for you at a fraction of the cost you’d expect!


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