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LED Lighting for Schools

At Big Green Switch, we know that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. That is why we sincerely believe that LED lighting for schools provide the perfect platform for raising up socially responsible students. Not only will LED lighting cut the cost of electricity, but it teaches our youth the value of sustainable energy.

With brighter, more energy efficient LED lights, a pupil’s performance can be expected to increase dramatically. Improper lighting leads to eye strain and frequently hinders learning. As well, there is safety to consider as students move about from class to class in dimly lit inner and outer corridors.

A few of the notable benefits of LED lighting for schools include:

  • Annual reduction in the cost of electricity by at least 50%
  • Better lighting for learning, providing the ideal environment
  • Dimmable lights for auditoriums and audio-visual applications
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Durable, long lasting solid-state lighting
  • • No harmful gases or metals within the fittings to ensure the safety of both pupils and staff.

  Big Green Switch is ready to help you safeguard and enhance the future of our children with our specialist LED lighting for schools. Call us today for a free quote and an expert energy analysis to find the perfect LED fittings for you.


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