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Emily Burn

In today’s world, green cleaning emerges as the way forward. Employing uncomplicated, natural cleaning solutions effectively cleans your home and fosters sustainability and a healthier lifestyle.

In this piece, we’ll delve into ten effortless green cleaning tricks, complete with recipes and additional applications, to help you effortlessly maintain a pristine home while lessening your environmental impact.

Citrus Peels for a Naturally Fresh Fragrance

Why not commence with a technique that not only cleans but also leaves your home imbued with a refreshing scent? Citrus peels, sourced from oranges or lemons, can be your secret weapon. Simply steep them in vinegar for a couple of weeks, dilute the resulting infusion with water (in a 1:1 ratio), and voilà, you’ve concocted a versatile cleaner.

Yet, there’s more to it. Those leftover peels can serve as delightful drawer sachets to invigorate your storage spaces or be simmered in water to craft a homemade air freshener. Not only do you economise time and money, but you also repurpose peels, curbing waste.

Olive Oil for Surfaces’ Luster

When the task is to preserve the sheen of your furniture, olive oil emerges as your ally. Blend two parts of olive oil with one part lemon juice, and you’ve produced a natural furniture polish that works wonders. Yet, the advantages extend beyond furniture; this blend also adeptly buffs stainless steel appliances and conditions leather furniture. By adopting this uncomplicated concoction, you’ll not only streamline your shopping list but also preserve your pennies.

Coffee Grounds as a Natural Deodorant

For aficionados of coffee, this hack is bound to be appreciated. Those used coffee grounds that would ordinarily meet the trash can serve as potent deodorisers. Simply place dried coffee grounds in an open container within your fridge and allow them to perform their magic. However, that’s not the extent of their utility—rubbing coffee grounds on your hands can help vanquish tenacious cooking odours, and they can also serve as abrasives for scrubbing pots. This green hack not only economises money but also recycles grounds, rendering a cost-free deodorising solution.

Baking Soda for Carpet Stains

Stubborn carpet stains can vex every homeowner. The salvation, however, lies in the form of baking soda. Craft a simple paste by mixing three parts baking soda with one part water, yielding a potent stain remover.

Sodium bicarbonate is a multi-purpose cleaning tool. Before vacuuming, liberally sprinkle baking soda on your carpets to refresh them, or combine it with vinegar to tackle stubborn drain blockages. Baking soda emerges as a versatile multitasker, streamlining your cleaning routine while preserving affordability.

White Vinegar for Glass and Mirrors

Glass and mirrors are often besieged by smudges and streaks, but white vinegar can dispatch them with ease. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water within a spray bottle, and you’ve created a homemade glass cleaner that rivals any commercial product. Nevertheless, white vinegar’s applications extend beyond glass surfaces. It can also descale kettles and coffee makers or be coupled with baking soda to yield a general-purpose cleaner. It proves to be an affordable, multipurpose product that supplants numerous specialised cleaners.

Reusable Cloths Over Disposable Paper Towels

Say goodbye to disposable paper towels and welcome the era of reusable cloths. Embrace microfiber or cotton cloths, each suited for various surfaces, and launder them for repeated use.

Use damp cloths for dusting and dry ones for polishing. This eco-friendly decision not only reduces your ongoing need for paper towels but also enhances efficiency across a range of chores.

What sets reusable cloths apart is their adaptability. Employ damp cloths for the delicate art of dusting, allowing them to capture and hold onto particles, leaving your surfaces free from dust and allergens. When the task at hand transitions to polishing, the dry cloths step in, achieving a pristine shine with ease.

Essential Oils for Sanitising

Essential oils not only infuse a pleasant aroma but also confer potent sanitising properties. Infuse 10-15 drops of essential oil, such as tea tree or lavender, into a mixture of water and vinegar for a natural disinfectant.

Essential oils can be diffused for a delightful olfactory experience or introduced into your laundry for a fresh fragrance. With essential oils, you acquire a multipurpose solution for cleaning, deodorising, and aromatherapy.

Salt for Grease and Spills

When confronted with fresh grease spills, salt can become your trusty ally. Sprinkle salt onto the spill, allow it to rest, and then scrub it away. This eco-friendly remedy proves both effective and economical. Salt can also serve as a cleaning agent for cast iron pans or feature as an abrasive component in homemade cleansers.

Lemon Juice for Stubborn Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains can pose a genuine nuisance, but lemon juice stands ready to tackle the challenge. Combine equal parts of lemon juice and water to combat those obstinate stains. Yet, the utility of lemon juice doesn’t conclude here. It can also brighten your laundry or blend harmoniously with baking soda to produce a non-abrasive scrub. Lemon juice emerges as a natural, cost-effective alternative to harsh chemical cleansers.

White Wine Vinegar for Odour Removal and Mildew

White wine vinegar represents another versatile cleanser primed to confront diverse cleaning dilemmas. Dilute white wine vinegar with water, and you’ve crafted a surface spray adept at neutralising odours and eradicating mildew.

However, that’s not its sole role—it can also serve as a rinse for fruits and vegetables or be introduced into your dishwasher to vanquish spots from glassware.

With white wine vinegar, you diminish your need for multiple cleaning agents, streamlining your cleaning routine while promoting eco-friendliness.


In closing, green cleaning need not be intricate or exorbitant. These ten effortless and straightforward green cleaning tricks leverage everyday household items to simplify your cleaning regimen while shrinking your environmental footprint.

Adopting these ten methods will save you time and money and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable way of life. So, why not give them a whirl and embark on your eco-conscious cleaning journey today?

You can always delegate cleaning chores to expert domestic cleaners if you face any challenges. Doing so will free up time for more important things, such as family and friends.

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