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Sam Allcock

When they first appeared on the market, LED Lighting solutions were not always an appetizing proposition. The increased cost per lamp was enough to put many people off as they did not fully understand the immense energy saving potential of these high-tech lamps.

As the technology has developed, manufacturing costs of LED lamps has been greatly reduced, and their energy saving potential increased making them the only choice for many households & businesses.

Reduced Energy Costs

In most households across the UK, lighting can account for almost 15% of the energy bill. Many of these households running Halogen lamps are wasting money every year. Replacing the existing lighting with LED lamps could reduce the bill by up to £160 each year.

The reason for this impressive energy saving is the vastly reduced amount of heat generated by LED lights. In order for a halogen lamp to produce light, an element within the bulb is heated. This heat escapes and energy is wasted on this escaping heat every time one is turned on.

LED Lighting products nullify this issue and use, in most cases, around 90% less energy than an equivalent halogen light bulb.

To generate 450 lumens that you would often find in table lamps, Halogen bulbs require around 30w of power. Comparable LED bulbs only require 7w. The savings on one lamp should be enough to reduce energy costs. If this reduced energy consumption is applied to every light fitting in the home or business premise then the savings are too high to ignore.

Lifetime Costs

When looking at the price tag of an LED lamp, very few people think about the “lifetime cost” of the bulb.

LED Lamps have greatly improved lifespans compared to their halogen counterparts. In normal circumstances, a Halogen lamp can run for around 1,500 hours. Whereas, in the same situation, LED Lamps can run for up to 25,000 hours.

However expensive the LED Lamp is deemed to be, they will pay for themselves many times over across the first year, and then go on to save money on energy costs for years to come, as well as reducing the amount of money spent on replacement halogens when they fail.


The trend nowadays is for Smart Lighting solutions. Searches for “Smart Lighting” in the UK have tripled in the last 5 years reflecting the growing market for whole house connected lighting solutions. The increasing popularity of “smart assistants” such as Amazon Alexa have made smart lighting a necessity for thousands of home owners.

Many LED Lamps nowadays are wifi capable allowing them to connect to a smart assistant or smart phone to allow users to remotely control their lighting scenarios.

Along with this comes the RGB craze. For many people, dimming their light bulbs from Warm White (3000k) through to Cool White (4000k) simply isn’t enough. The ability to choose to light individual lamps to any of a million colours is no longer just a gimmick. This is only possible with Smart LED Lamps.

In Conclusion

The energy saving capabilities of LED lamps are impressive, allowing you to save money all year round on your lighting. Can you afford to leave money on the table when the solution is so simple?

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