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At Big Green Switch, we understand that many consumers are operating under old concepts of what LED lighting is all about. Many of the first and second generation LED lamps just weren’t bright enough to provide ample lumens for their needs. LEDs were expensive and when not providing enough light, well, why invest?

One of the driving forces behind the Big Green Switch business model is to provide eco-friendly, low cost lighting to our customers. Cree LED lighting is the most innovative product line on the market today and why we use these LED lights throughout the entire range of services we offer.

As a pioneer in LED indoor lighting, Cree moved to the outdoor arena in 2011. Now their amazingly bright and durable Cree LED lights can provide a cost effective light source for your commercial property

Big Green Switch is all about saving money whilst doing our part to lower carbon emissions to protect this beautiful world we all live on – to save it for generations to come. With innovative Cree LED lighting, we now have the chance to provide ultra-bright lights that last longer than the guaranteed 10 years and require no maintenance in that timeframe.

Take the time to browse the literature we have provided to learn more about Cree LED lighting or talk to one of our energy consultants to see just how much we can save you over the long term.

With Cree LED lighting, we know you will be happy to make the Big Green Switch.

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