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High Performance LED Lighting

When it comes to bringing energy efficient lighting to businesses and commercial properties, Big Green Switch has high performance LED lighting bulbs designed to keep operational costs low whilst meeting government’s green initiatives.

LED lights are already the most cost effective lighting solutions in today’s market, but with high performance LED bulbs the amount of money saved can be doubled, if not trebled!

Now with advancements in LED fixtures, it is possible to have light sensors and dimmable LED lamps without the need to retrofit to existing old-fashioned fixtures.

For businesses looking to save up to 85% of their current lighting costs, check out our high performance LED bulbs and solutions that offer the best options for you.

They can be fitted to shine dimly at certain times of the day but light up to full brightness as evening rolls in. With high performance LED fixtures, you can control the amount of light that shines and at pre-specified periods of the day or night.

To learn more about the many ways in which high performance LED lights can save your company money whilst providing brilliant lighting, contact the team at Big Green Switch today for a free quote and advice from our expert energy consultants.


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