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LED Lighting for Sports Halls

One of the newest venues Big Green Switch is happy to work on within the realm of energy efficient and cost effective lighting is sports clubs. Older sports halls tend to have dimly-lit, yellow lighting that are old and out of date, but with our LED sports lighting you can get the best LED lighting around for the best prices.

Previous LED lighting technology hadn’t worked out the level of brightness needed for lighting up the field, but with today’s advancements, LED lighting for sports halls is definitely the way to go. Here is why we recommend making the Big Green Switch:

  1. Metal halide lamps get extremely hot – this tells you that a great deal of energy is wasted in heat. LED bulbs are relatively cool to the touch indicating that they produce only a small amount of waste heat energy.
  2. LED lights can last 10 to 20 years – this makes them extremely low maintenance compared to the old standard lighting used in sports’ clubs!
  3. Combined with solar power that is free to harness, the savings are enormous.

LED lighting for sports halls
Remember those scoreboards we all watch on the edge of our seats, waiting to see who wins the game? Or the huge floodlights that are designed to light up an outdoor field? The cost for lighting them up is beyond belief.

Switching to LED lighting is beneficial for these signs as they take up so little energy. You could take advantage of huge savings with our LED sports lighting!
Big Green Switch is here to help you light up the field so that every fan can see the winning play. From lighting in the car park to brighter scoreboards, we have the LED lighting solution for your club.

For a free consultation with our expert energy specialists, call us today and get started on your journey to sustainable energy.


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