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Sam Allcock

Tidal energy is one of the most recent forms of generating sustainable energy and is a way in which power is being generated for thousands of homes in the UK.

Marine currents (or waves) are naturally occurring in our oceans and considering that we live on what is essentially a huge island, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be using tidal energy.

But how is the power generated and how can your home benefit from using this kind of electricity?

We share everything you need to know about tidal power:

How does tidal energy work?

tidal turbineMuch like wind turbines, tidal energy harnesses are like small turbines planted beneath the ocean. Instead of the rotors being driven by wind, the current given by waves drives the blades.

These blades then drive a generator which is able to transform the kinetic energy into electricity, which is bought by energy providers and sold to homeowners.


This kind of hydropower uses tidal energy generators to create electricity, with the height of the tide determining how much power can be generated. High-tide areas are likely to create more energy as they give off more kinetic energy in order for the waves to move.

A consistent source of kinetic energy allows energy providers to harness what the earth naturally has to offer, providing an ethical source of energy that doesn’t have damaging effects on the environment.


What are the benefits of using tidal energy?

Tidal energy is a renewable source of energy, meaning it will never run out. Tides are guaranteed to go in and come out twice a day, meaning they’re reliable and easy to predict. Unlike the burning of fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal, the constant supply of waves mean that there’s never a chance of drying up.

Using waves to generate power also eliminates the harmful emissions that come from burning fuels. The non-renewable way to create energy gives off dangerous levels of carbon dioxide and can contribute to global warming issues.

However, tidal energy does not give off any gases that could contribute to environmental disasters, making it the ideal way to harness free energy given by the Earth.


Tidal power in the UK

Living on an island, it’s no surprise that the UK has one of the largest tidal power sources in the world. It is estimated to represent 50% of Europe’s tidal energy capacity – such a large amount of power that has the ability to fulfil around 20% of Britain’s requirements.

If your home is not using tidal power by now, you’re definitely missing out! Get in touch with the team here at Big Green Switch and let us help you make the move to sustainable, renewable and ethical energy.

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