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Emily Burn

Being a privileged country means it should be a role model for other countries. To figure out the most privileged countries in the world, a study has been conducted by ABCD Agency that was completed in July 2021.

They examined a total of 19 influencing factors in the fields of opportunities, freedom, health and financial independence including wealth, educational systems, employment rates, income distribution, opportunities for advancement, human rights, freedom to travel, gender parity, life expectancy, health spending, air quality and accident risk, among others.

The subjects of the study are all 37 member states of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, India, Russia, Singapore and South Africa.

According to the study, here are the most 44 privileged countries of the world-

  1. Switzerland: Very few countries are high in finances, and Switzerland is one of them. Most of the countries are pretty low in financial stability, but this country achieves 100 points in this major aspect. And its overall score is also 100.
  2. Iceland: It comes in 2nd place with a total score of 91.49, with 93.81 points in career opportunities, and 94.17 in liberty and life satisfaction.
  3. Norway: With quite a high employment rate, high social mobility and less inequality, it stands at the top in terms of career opportunities. When we talk about liberty and life satisfaction, it also holds a score of 100, which is incredible.
  4. Luxembourg– Being employed gives an internal satisfaction and staying in a country where employment is the priority brings a peace of mind. In fourth place, Luxembourg scored a total of 89.31 points.
  5. Denmark: It is well equipped in terms of the medical and career opportunities fields. It holds a total 84.91 points to be in the top 5 privileged countries around the world.
  6. Finland: This nation has low financial stability, however it does have a good employment rate, and amazing liberty and life satisfaction score. When it comes to the health sector, it is way better than many other countries.
  7.  Australia:  It comes in the 7th position, when talking about the total score it has 80.50 points. It has good scores in health, career, and life satisfaction.
  8. Sweden: With $53.72K GDP per capita it holds a total 80.22 score to be in the top 10 privileged countries. It has a high index of safety and health, career opportunities and life satisfaction but a low score in finance of 38.64 points.

Below are the remaining countries on the list- 

  1. Austria
  2. The Netherlands
  3. New Zealand
  4. Ireland
  5. Belgium
  6. Canada
  7. France
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Germany
  10. United States
  11. Japan
  12. Slovenia
  13. Spain
  14. Italy
  15. Czech Republic
  16. Estonia
  17. Portugal
  18. South Korea
  19. Israel
  20. Poland
  21. Slovakia
  22. Lithuania
  23. Latvia
  24. Hungary
  25. Greece
  26. Chile
  27. Turkey
  28. Mexico
  29. Singapore
  30. Costa Rica
  31. India
  32. Russia
  33. South Africa
  34. Argentina
  35. Brazil
  36. Bulgaria

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